Game Description: Children always afraid of devils and ghost, as we know it, devil always do the bad things to people or angels, their mission is destroy whole the world and make everything mess. In this game, you are a new hero to help us to destroy those bad devils. Just shoot them, then they will die. But you must be carefuly that do not shoot the Jesus Christ, Michael the Archangel and Padre Pio. You will have to through three levels, the first one is hell, when you earned 777 points, then you can go to the next which is the earth, and if you destroy those devils in the earth, you will have to go to the purgatory, shooting those devils is your mission, you are our hope. Best of luck! This game is played with mouse only.


Thể loại: 1 Player, Game Hanh Dong, First Person Shooter, Flash, Mouse Skill, Game Ban Sung,
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